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Friday, October 3, 2008

always a follower...

In my youth, I was not much of a leader...more of a follower. I looked to others for the cool things to do, places to go and items to wear. Although I was smart enough not to follow so-and-so "if they jumped off a bridge" so to speak, you didn't see me taking center stage to lead the group anywhere.

When I entered the workforce, it wasn't much different. I shied away from positions described for independent, self-starters. I felt I needed a little more support than that to dive into new challenges.

So my first leadership role ever was the one of motherhood (Does that count?) I had no choice...I had two little people that desperately needed my guidance. I also joined a mom's group outside of my church where I made some fantastic friends for myself and my kids. Eventually, the group needed some organizers to plan play dates and host night's out. I stepped up for this role and for the first time people were looking to to me to make decisions (besides my children). These decisions, have not been monumental by any means (choosing places and times for meetups), but it has been a chance to get my feet wet.

Now, after 35 years of life, I have taken a real leap toward leadership. Holding the position of Spiritual Director for my church group CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) team implores me to lead a group of women in something MOST important -- a spiritual journey -- and I am beyond privileged.


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You are just the person for the job! I hope to attend in the spring.