But I'll Do Anything To Get Out Of It!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

uh oh!

I hardly recognize myself. Long ago, in a far away place...I held it all together. My house was always in order. I was on top of things. I just finally got to putting a load of my daughter's laundry in the wash. The load contained her picture day outfit. Picture day was 2 weeks and 1 day ago. I'm headed for rock bottom.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Wow! It's been over a year since I've been here. It's hard to believe that time has flown by that quickly. Life is crazier than it has ever been...but still I choose to hang my hat here for a few minutes. Maybe because today is my birthday, and sometimes birthdays are for evaluating life and what better place to do that evaluation than my own little spot on the world-wide web.

The name of this blog could not be more true than today. With my schedule, cleaning has fallen by the waste-side (I would have never thought that would happen to me!) When friends come by, I always heed a warning "my house is a wreck", and they always say "you always say that" and I reply "because I've given up cleaning."

Sitting here, deciding what to write, scanning over life's events, I am coming to the realization that I REALLY DO have a lot going on. For starters...my youngest started Kindergarden this year, which has been monumental. No more babies! She goes full day which allows me to get some more classes under my belt as well. She's loving the new challenge, but the change definitely takes it's toll about 5 o'clock everyday (when I'm trying to get dinner started). She got a fabulous teacher, who I adore, so I also volunteered to be head room mom for her classroom (which will soon enough possibly tip over my already full plate!)

Right now, life is over-run with soccer. Both girls are playing (my oldest playing on two teams) so with 3 practices and 3 games a week, every gap is filled!

I am taking three education courses that keep me on campus all day three days a week. The classes are a lot of work, but have re-emphasized for me that I am right where I am suppose to be.

On my off days, I am training with 2 friends for a 10K in October. We did a 5K in May and decided after the summer was over and the kids were back in school, we would step it up a notch. Yesterday we ran 4 miles, which is my longest run to date.(and because of it, I feel like I turned about 80 today rather than 37.) I can't imagine getting to six miles...but I keep hearing it too will come!

Right now we are also finishing our basement. So we spend a little time picking cabinets and carpets and couches...oh my! And all that banging :0

To add to the current craziness...a week from tomorrow, my husband and I are renewing our marriage vows in the Catholic Church. 12 years ago my hubby proposed to me in Myrtle Beach. When I found out we were vacationing there again this past summer, I decided to do something special. I had a chat with our monsignor, bought my guy a ring, took him for a walk on the beach and asked him to do it all over again in the Church this time. The 25th is our 11th wedding anniversary and we will be re-tying the knot in a small ceremony at our parish chapel.

In my FREE time (Ha!) I make lunches, fill out school forms, go to school meetings and do my homework.

So...as you can see...cleaning does not fit in there anywhere! However, I know if I got myself clean and organized, it would make everything else just a little bit easier. (YOU don't have to tell ME)