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Thursday, October 16, 2008

what do you want?

In my MOPs meeting yesterday, we spoke about growth and how our lives have changed since we've become mothers. A question was thrown out to all us us asking us to name an adventure we hope to go on or try in the future. On the spot, I couldn't think of ONE thing. Is that sad or what?

The women sitting around the tables brought forth all kinds of activities that they yearn for:learning to snow ski, learning to play the guitar, sky diving, taking a trip to Rome, going on a Safari, training for a marathon, hiking the Grand Canyon. Some of these sounded good to me -- but none of them were mine. As I heard more and more ideas, I tried to come up with one of my own...still nothing. I couldn't think of anything major that I dreamed of, that I really had to have before life was over. This bothered me a little bit.

So, I went home and really thought about this. Of course, there are so many things that I had always wished for that have already come true -- a loving husband, healthy children, a great home. But there has to be more, there just has to be more to strive for. Not that what I have is not fulfilling, but shouldn't we always be striving to be a better mother, woman, christian, person? Something that pushes us to be more?

What is THAT for me? Taking an exotic cruise? Learning a new skill? Competing in the Olympics? Becoming a rock star? What?...I don't know yet, but I may really learn a thing or two about myself trying to figure it out.

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SarahHub said...

I'm in this Bible study at church, Finding Your Purpose as a Mom, and they asked the same thing. I thought "I've already got it all." So I'm thinking about it, too.