But I'll Do Anything To Get Out Of It!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

where does all my time go?

How does all my time slip away before I get a chance to tackle the things I need to do? It's like a time warp sucks away the hours before I get a chance to use them.

I had full intention on cleaning my house top to bottom before I had people over for a couple of gatherings this week. I had meant to plan my meals for the week so that when 5 o'clock comes everyday I am not clueless on what to do for dinner. I had been meaning to get my calendar organized for all the appointments I have, school activities and birthday parties. I planned to get in some kind of exercise every single day. I had expected to start my Christmas shopping so that it doesn't all load me down at the last minute.

But, I don't know where the time has gone -- and I'm not sure what I did with it while it was here.

This week shopping will have to wait. 3 times at the gym will have to do. I will have to rely on my chaotic brain to get me where I need to be for a while longer. There will be impromptu dinners and I'll have to go with the "illusion" of clean for now(so don't look too closely). And I just have to learn that this is how it has to be sometimes.

There is always next week!

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