But I'll Do Anything To Get Out Of It!

Monday, September 29, 2008

divine weekend!

Over the weekend, I attended the retreat that my CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) team has been preparing for 6 months. Leading up to the event, although I was excited, I also had a lot of anxiety about witnessing my faith story in front of unfamiliar women, leading my table in discussion about religious topics and leading others in prayer (something I had never done before). It turns out that my apprehension was unwarranted. The weekend was filled with comfort, peace and camaraderie.

It was a fantastic experience to to watch these new women come in and indulge in the same special events of the weekend that meant so much to me 6 months ago and actually see them grow spiritually.

My team did a wonderful job of getting these women to open up and encourage them to continue their spiritual journey by choosing to be a part of the next formation team that prepares the same retreat for a future group of women just like them. We were all thrilled to find out that the entire group accepted the challenge. I, however, was especially delighted because I have been chosen to lead this new group in the task (the leader of each group chooses a member to lead the next). I am honored and humbled by this opportunity. And although I am nervous about the challenges ahead, I am excited to continue the process and happy that this CRHP experience isn't ending for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Something happened over the weekend that I never thought possible. Something I never imagined could happen to me...

My husband threw me a surprise party and it worked! I did not suspect a thing. He plotted, planned and executed perfectly.

My birthday is this coming Wednesday and the day is jammed packed with activities that would not allow me to spend my normal Wednesday with my mom nor spend time with Brad and the kids in the evening. So I thought nothing of planning a casual birthday dinner at a restaurant up the street to celebrate.

I also had asked Brad not to get me anything this year -- I felt no need to spend the extra cash when there was nothing I really needed. So I was ecstatic (not suspicious) at the suggestion that he and the kids clean the entire house as a gift to me. They did this while I was out getting my hair did (my true present anyway...to myself). So due to the fresh highlights and skilled blow out by "my girl", even after a windy soccer game and a lax effort to get ready for dinner, I didn't actually look horrendous when I walked in my door to an unexpected kitchen full of people.

The funniest thing is meanwhile in the midst of his secret planning -- I was conjuring up my own birthday party at a bar for the following weekend with the same guest list. Boy, did I confuse some people!

It was a great party filled with the people I care about most. It warms my heart to know that Brad would go through all that trouble (because I am not easy to surprise) and that all of those people were there just for me. It has made turning the old 35 a lot more acceptable.

So kudos to Brad and thank you to everyone else!

That's A LOT of candles!