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Monday, July 7, 2008

what's the skinny...

What's with all the thin people all around me? They walk around wearing anything they want. Whatever the fashion trend of the moment, they can pull it off without a hitch. They don't have to try on a million styles and sizes to find something fitting to wear in public or for a special occasion. As a matter of fact, they probably don't have to try on their clothes at all. Can you imagine bypassing the hassle of fitting rooms altogether?

And...who do these skinny people think they are walking around with all that confidence and self worth? Spending their existence thinking of other things in life than whether people are giving them disapproving glances and stares. Able to concentrate on things that make them happy in life rather than how much they weigh. Not experiencing dread each time they look in the mirror. Not worrying about every bulge, every bunch. I mean, who wants to live like that?

I do, that's who.

P.S. I joined weight watchers today.

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dawn said...

Yeah...I am happy for you. I have been off WW for a couple weeks, since I was in Ethiopia and home the first week, but I am back on track.

I am with you in terms of these skinny people. Especially since I remember what it was like to not have to try on clothes and know that whatever I bought would look okay. I long for those days.