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Monday, July 14, 2008

one week in...

All of this "points counting" has been quite an eye-opening experience. Eye-opening to how many "points" I must have been eating before I started this whole Weight Watchers thing. If the number that has been assigned to me by the system is what is normal for acquiring a healthy weight -- I know why I'm not one. After spending a week doing this, I can now clearly see my goals here are 1) to learn not to eat my meals like they are my last, 2) Not to be so dependent on food-eating for all social functions, 3) that I don't have to accept every treat that is offered to me. It's time to keep my eye on the prize!

I had a decent, yet hungry week. I am allotted 23 points a day, plus I usually earn 2 more because I walk 30 minutes every morning before the girls get up. I was able to stick to that limit -- but it was tough! Weight Watchers also allows you an extra 35 points that you can use throughout your week on eating out or special treats. I pretty much stayed away from those all week, knowing I should probably save them up for the weekend. Sunday evening we went to a birthday party. I had a a great dinner, a glass of wine and a piece of cake...points taken! It's as easy as that.

Hopefully this week will go as well.

4-1/2 pounds down.


dawn said...

congrats Jen. That is awesome. I am recommitting today. I haven't been tracking points, etc or anything since I have been home with the new babe.

I am glad your first week was a success. See you soon.

Elaine S. said...

Nice Job!!! You are definitely an inspiration to get/keep on track. Congratulations, Jen!