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Saturday, January 10, 2009

pledges still in tact

Over a full week into the new year and I must admit I am doing quite well with sticking to my resolutions. I have returned to the gym and my beloved spinning class, I'm back to counting points -- and I've lost 3 pounds this week. Also, my house has never looked better!

It has turned out that my "organization declaration" has been the key to most of my other promises. Starting last week, when I have some free time, I take the time to get something in my home in order. I work on drawers, or closets or areas of a room like the laundry room or playroom. I take it a little at a time so that I don't get frustrated. Anyway, I am doing this instead of what I would tend to do with a free block of time -- sit, watch TV, start feeling bored, and EAT.

Also, as part of my "order in the house", I have been keeping it picked up all the time. I used to get a little lazy, if something was out of place -- toys, dishes, dirty clothes, clean laundry -- I'd let it build up (or put it on the stairs) until I couldn't anymore and then have to take a lot of time out to put put things back in place. Now I do it as necessary and have found myself with more large chunks of time for hanging out with the girls doing what they want. (also many more trips up the stairs, which is beneficial toward the getting fit resolution!)

So here's to keeping on track with these important pledges with the hope to soon be able to focus on my other 2009 promises! Wish me luck....


Jenny said...

I hate you...really I love you! I'm just jealous that you are doing well on WW and I'm sitting here thinking about the half-eaten doughnuts left by the kids this AM. Congrats on your success!!!

Lori said...

Hi - I'm new to your blog and was inspired by your post. I need to focus on those same things, and I'm going to start tonight! Best of luck!