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Thursday, January 22, 2009

one tip at a time

These days, I don't seem to have an entire blog post in me -- but I think about writing all the time. With my focus still being on my resolutions (which is pretty impressive for me way into the middle of January)...becoming more fit, organizing my home, making more quality time for the kids, putting more effort into my important friendships and being more efficient and resourceful with my money...I have a lot to think about.

Too much almost -- so I've been trying to focus on one small thing at a time. Once that is mastered I can move on to the next. I take tips from things I read, things I hear from other people or just tips I make up for myself that I know I need to do. So instead of trying to spew out a blog post, for now, for extra accountability, I will put my tips in writing.

My worst time of day for the possibility of over-eating is the afternoon (especially when my youngest is napping) so today's proposal is: For lunch always eat a fruit AND a vegetable first before allowing myself to have anything else.

I've been at this one for a couple of weeks and it does seem to fill me up a little to deter me from over doing it on something else that is not as good. Hopefully it just keeps getting easier...

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Jenny@ L.O.T.s of Love said...

Great advice...I'll use it when I'm on the wagon! I'm still off...too many birthdays this week!

I write my blogs in pieces. I have about 6 right now...some are only 1 word, some are pictures and others are done and waiting to be posted. It works for me!