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Monday, January 5, 2009

comfy is the key!

I LOVE this store! It's my new favorite. The clothes are cute and comfy and the underwear is simple and comfortable with just the right amount of sexy built in. My favorites are the boykinis.

My husband has said this store is too young for me because they call their clothes "dormwear". Dormwear...loungewear...what's the difference. It's just a name! Why wouldn't a person whose day consists of chauffeuring kids to school, going to the gym, running errands and cleaning the house wear the same kind of things as a person who walks to classes and sits around all day in their room watching TV and doing homework? Same thing! Plus...I'm not that far off from the dorm years (okay, I am, but I don't feel it).

I've only bought a few things there so far (some undies, a comfy varsity night shirt and a bulky cardigan sweater to throw on when I'm feeling chilled) but I have my eye on much more! Stay tuned!

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