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Thursday, August 7, 2008

kindergarten is bigger than I thought...

My 5 year old is about to began Kindergarten in a couple of weeks. Seems simple enough. She will be attending the Catholic grade school in our area. I had NO idea how much preparation this would entail. There are orientations for the parents, open houses for the kids, detailed school supply lists and strict uniform codes. I have so many things to check off the lists and my calendar is quickly filling. Who knew Kindergarten would be such an event?

The school supply search wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Her supply list called for the simplest of items, however with the extravagance available these days, finding a box of only 8 regular-sized crayons proved challenging. She also needed a plain, plastic, two-pocket folder...which was surprisingly hard to find in a sea of paper ones plastered with Hannah Montana and Camp Rock. And where do you find those roundish-triangular-rubbery pencil grip thingies?

School-shoe shopping has turned out be the most challenging thus far. I wonder if some stores just don't think 5 year olds wear shoes, because most of them seem to completely skip over my daughter's size. How can that be? And what exactly is an oxford or a brogue? Even if I'm able to find her size and figure out the proper style to be worn, I know this will not end the ordeal -- for I have a five-year old girl who's rarely worn footwear without a heel, some sparkle or some bows. The dull brown, black or navy leather shoe WILL NOT be to her liking. And she has to wear these everyday? This will not be good!

And there are just so many new things to think about -- tuition payments, meal card purchases, school parking assignments for arrival and dismissal, uniform regulations, soccer practices and "mid-day recreation duty" for me....whatever that means.

I knew Kindergarten would be a new and exciting adventure for my 5-year old...I just hadn't realized the rousing endeavor that I, myself, had to look forward to!

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SarahHub said...

Sounds time-consuming, but mostly fun. (If you don't count school supply shopping!)