But I'll Do Anything To Get Out Of It!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a little restraint...

Last night, I had a meeting up at church. We always have snacks at our meetings and when we adjourn, we gather around the food table and snack together. Social eating has always been a weakness for me. I talk, and shovel things in my mouth that I don't even realize that I'm eating. Last night there was cheese curls, sun chips, chocolate chip cookies and peanut m&ms for goodness sake. I didn't touch a thing. The smells tried to reel me in -- but I declined. I felt really good about it when I got home. And I actually felt good going to bed on an empty stomach -- it's been a while since I've felt that rumble in the tummy feeling. I need to feel it more often!


Kari said...

Way to go!

SarahHub said...

Good job!

You inspired me. I skipped snacks last night, and felt better for it!