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Sunday, November 9, 2008

to the fullest...

Lately I have been trying to surround myself with things that I truly love and I am really focusing on doing things that make me happy. Life is short -- I really want to enjoy mine.

I am working on making time for the things that I love like heading up to bed early to dive into a couple of chapters of a good book or getting the kids' bedtime routine done a little early in order to have time to snuggle in between my two girls and watch a little TV. I'm trying to only commit to social events that I actually WANT to go to. I am wearing the clothes that make me comfortable in my own skin, stocking the fridge with food that I enjoy eating (while trying to keep it healthy), choosing workouts that I don't hate (spinning right now) because when I get lazy I don't feel good about myself and keeping the house picked up so that I don't feel swallowed up by my surroundings.

Finally, I try to spend time praying everyday and making sure that God knows how grateful I am to be able to do all of these things I love.


Jen said...

Amen!! I need help prioritizing, so that I can enjoy things I enjoy. Thank you for the inspiration! This is the first Sunday I've had off work for a long time, so I'm going to enjoy snuggling with my family and cooking a great meal for them. Have a wonderful day with your family enjoying what you love!


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SarahHub said...

It's so easy to be consumed with things that aren't important. I like this post, because it's a good inspiration to focus on things you LIKE!