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Monday, November 10, 2008

lazy day

For as long as I can remember, Mondays in my house have been labeled "Lazy Days." They are the one day of the week that I try not to schedule anything that involves leaving the house (except of course to transport my 5 year old to school and back.)

Despite the label of this day -- I probably get more done today than any other day. I do numerous loads of laundry, pay bills, straighten the house, make the grocery list, iron school shirts for the week, try to plan daily meals, do preparations for my CRHP meeting and get my weekly calendar in order. But I do ALL of these things while Still. In. My. Jammies -- for the entire day. I suppose this is where the name comes from. Jammies = Lazy. I think not! For without this day, I would be lost. Without this day -- the rest of the week would turn out very differently. So Hooray for Monday! Hooray for Lazy Day!

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Jen said...

Doesn't sound like "lazy" to me!! We have a funny name for Sundays- Sunday Bum Day!! Same concept- I guess!! Have a great night!

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