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Thursday, February 5, 2009

all smiles...

Fill your days with things that make you smile. It's just that simple. I try my very best to jam pack my day with things that make me happy -- so even when I encounter a tough time -- it is inevitable that the good outweighs the bad.

With the kids we blare the music of our favorite songs in the car. We try to sit down as a family and watch TV shows like American Idol -- this always gets us cracking up about one thing or another. And we talk at the dinner table -- and kids really do say the darnedest things.

I've really began to adore our parish school. I've met so many people there that make me happy -- and that makes me want to get more and more involved. I attend Mops, which is filled with many, many amazing women. I am extremely involved in a church group there where I've manufactured friendships that you can't find anywhere else. And I fit in social functions and activities with fellow Kindergarten moms where I've found some really fun friends (and hope to find even more). There is something special about being close friends with your kids' closest friends' parents.

I enjoy my workouts. I have actually found myself smiling during my spinning classes (weird, huh). Not only because it makes me feel good about myself-- but it does, it really does! But also because I actually get some of my best thinking done during the class. To get past the pain -- my mind wonders somewhere else and to distract myself from the physical work I end up going inside mentally and I get to hash out in my head things that are weighing on me. So I'm shedding stress and calories.

I give myself "me" time. Whether it's a night out with the girls, lunch out with my mom or even just an hour of catching up with my Tivo. I need it. I deserve it.

And last...but far from least...chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. And even though I'm working hard exercising and eating healthy -- I still let myself have some chocolate. Sometimes it takes a little more work to take in that chocolate in moderation (and sometimes I fail miserably, which makes me miserable) but living without it entirely would make me even more miserable.

So these are my "smiles" what are yours?

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